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Project Management / Workplace Strategy

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Project Management Office (PMO)

Project Management Office

Whether you communicate in Technology or Real Estate terms, Jace will speak your language and translate what is needed for the team and stakeholders.

Smart businesses are embracing new and emerging business strategies. From workplace technologies and read analytics to mobile convergence and cyber security, implementing these emerging technologies is as detailed as it is daring. Technology and Real Estate groups are blending in Matrix based organizations and work together to attain success. Jace leads Project Management and Workplace Strategy / Technology projects that align real estate and technology business strategy and operations.

Project Management

When implementing new projects, businesses must have an approach that:

  1. Crosses business lines
  2. Must be adaptable and agile
  3. Ensures project values align with business strategy

By disrupting traditional PMO architecture Jace will guide the project across business units to ensure that project value degradation is zeroed out. For Over 20 years, Jace Project Managers have been managing projects in a matrix style methodology for successful business strategy implementations.

Jace seasoned project managers familiarize themselves with current client business practices and needs to effectively connect existing resources and stakeholders in active communication. Jace PMs will then advise management on processes and status, while mitigating project bumps, during implementation to achieve maximum client benefit.

Our Project Management Services include:

  • Project Scope of Work Identification and Management
  • Project Schedule / Deliverable Management
  • Budget Management
  • Open Team Communication
  • Risk Avoidance / Mitigation
  • Change Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Quality Control Process
  • Knowledge Transfer

Workplace Strategy / Technology Services

IoT AND Smart Buildings

With the maturity of The Internet of Things (IoT), technology driving is driving new breeds of smart buildings. Jace will support property owners and managers implement new smart technologies to align priorities and to automate data collection for today’s deliverables and tomorrows roadmaps. Jace will help accelerate these transitions to uncover new business insights that will increase value and performance.

Enterprise User Technologies

Static user positions are being phased out for a dynamic, interchangeable work environment and user technology is following the same path. Nomadic seating arrangements that promote collaboration are rising to the top and emerging technologies are being adopted to facilitate the change. Jace has the knowhow to understand user preference, matched with hardware capabilities and strategic business roadmaps to bridge the gap between past and future technology intelligence.

Communications Conveyance (A/V, Multimedia, Wi-Fi, DAS and Structured Cabling)

The more things change, the more things stay the same. As an end users need to remain connected 24x7 increases so does the need for accessible, available and accountable communications. Network Wi-Fi, DAS transmission and structured cabling topologies are each critical to a business individually and together they create a powerhouse of business communications.

Additionally A/V and multimedia design affect how business communications are shared. Robust user experiences need to benchmark as the norm and the experience quality to be reproducible  whether a user is in a conference room, on a PC or a handheld device on the beach. Jace adds value by delivering a communications solution that spans the tactical and strategic directions of a client’s business and addresses the growth potential of client roadmaps.


Technology Design and Build / Space Planning

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Technology Design and Build / Space Planning

Technology Construction Design and Build

Whether you need a tactical retrofit or a strategic build out Jace will design your facility for a perfect fit.

With the need for on premise storage and processing kit shrinking, new technology spaces need to be designed with availability in mind. Like any ecosystem if you feed it too much it becomes bloated. If you feed it too little it starves. Either way inefficiencies set the infrastructure working against itself.

These potential inefficiencies highlight the value of a scalable Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design. A need to manage resource availability and cost lends itself to the unique idea of critical facilities growing and shrinking without moving walls.

For over 20 years Jace has designed and helped build technology spaces that fit clients' needs for the here and now as well as the future. Using equipment information, metrics and trending data, Jace designers differentiate themselves by creating templates for technology rooms that can "breathe" which ultimately translates into the client's saving dollars.

Technology Design and Build

Assessments and Road mapping

Wants vs needs assessments via interactive workshops and interviews with executive, managerial and operational staff. These workshops help support  current business operations while identifying  corporate goals, projections challenges and areas of process identification and modernization.

  • Tactical and Strategic Planning
  • Business Continuity
  • In-House vs Colocation vs Cloud Services
  • Facility Design

Design / Space Planning

CAD and CFD Design scenarios are created based on information gathering sessions and projections gleaned from historical data, current benchmarking and projections. Technology and real estate are part of the same dynamic system. Each one needs to be balanced with the other to design a right sized space.


The details of the build are where scope creep and gold plating can happen. It is important to know what services are needed and the market value of them.  Monitoring all aspects of the design and build from start to finish is where the value is added. The goal is to bring the project in on time and within budget successfully.

  • Budget Creation and Management
  • RFP documents - Hardware and Trade Services
  • Bid Leveling
  • 3RD Party Vendor Negotiations for Installation and Maintenance

Construction / Buildout

Dedicated personnel will be your eyes and ears during buildout. Accessibility and availability are to contractors and trades are what keep the construction in line. From on-site vendor meetings to stakeholder communications all aspects of the project will be managed.


From CAD / BIM Design to CFD modeling every aspect of the project will be documented and vetted to ensure the perfect design is achieved before implementation.


Installation Services

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Installation Services

Construction Management

Whether you are in the woods or in the weeds, Jace will lead you out by managing your ad-hoc site needs.

Organizations increasingly have satellite offices with little to no inhouse support. Team leads trying to remotely manage technology roll outs with ad-hoc construction needs can be stressful.  By engaging Jace to manage your firms project portfolio and site deployments you can take advantage of a single point of contact for information and site management. By being the client voice, Jace will vet, hire, and manage vendors from a project start to completion enabling predictable success. We have created “Office in a Box Services” which include:

  • Activity Standardization and repeatability
    • Network and Voice
    • Wi-Fi Distribution and Topology
    • DAS Installation
    • User Space Planning
    • Furniture Procurement
    • Servers, Desktops and Software Deployments
    • MACs
    • Site Surveys, Assessments and Recommendations
  • Structured Telecommunications Cabling
  • Network, Desktop and Server Hardware Procurement
  • Audio Visual, Security, Commercial Audio, Life Safety, Smart Ceilings
  • Schedule Management
  • Budget Management
  • Resource Management

Jace manages the details so the client can manage their business.


Corporate Relocations

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Corporate Relocations

Corporate Relocations

Whether you are a circle or a square, Jace will fit your business into new space seamlessly.

Traditional space planning for users and support technologies has and will continue to undergo transformations by transitioning from static spaces into dynamic collaborative environments. Cutting edge companies are increasingly embracing interchangeable concept work spaces, cloud technologies and co-lo spaces which pose challenges with workflow interruption. For over 20 years Jace has been top Corporate Relocation experts. Specializing in the relocation of Traders, Enterprise Users, and Data Center Technology Jace takes the disruption out of the corporate relocation process and adds value through the team project managers and technicians. Our preparation and execution are the differentiators in our successful relocations.

Corporate Relocation Services

Move, Add Changes, Office and Trading Floor Relocations

Employees are a business’s biggest strength. A corporate restack or churn can cause a user unneeded anxiety. It’s Jace maximizes a user’s move experience by minimizing down time and productivity interruption.

Move, Add Changes, Office and Trading Floor Relocations as a Service

Jace provides a  managed Move, Add and Change service that supports a weekly user station change process. Under client direction will handle the space planning designs, identify and engage all stakeholders, manage the process and all technology changes.

Technology Room Migrations

Movement of network distribution systems requires a deep knowledge of Technology, telecommunications cable interconnections, mission critical spaces and associated construction.

Data Center Migrations

Critical technology application, services and associated hardware moves are high profile, high visibility events that are central to your business functionality.

Jace has expert knowledge of all of the above which enables us to minimize downtime and make technology relocations transparent to end users by providing detailed planning and Implementation.


The Jace Solution was founded in 2009 by project managers and subject matter experts with similar views of a deliverable driven business climate. For more than 20 years Jace has been providing project management and business solution services to IT and Facility departments in various vertical markets. We take pride in successful client implementations that we are a part of and the value add that we bring to client engagements.

The Jace Mission

To be the socially conscious leader of IT and Facilities consulting services.

The Jace Vision

To lead the charge in converging IT and Facilities project deliverables with an emerging sustainability future.

People: To be a great place to work where inspiration drives excellence.
Plan: To bring the world a robust set of solutions that satisfy client needs.
Planet: To be socially responsible by understanding and communicating sustainability impacts.
Profit: To merge Capitalistic and Altruistic ideologies to provide value to all stakeholders.

Our Name

The Jace Solution - Is a play on the myth of Jason and the Argonauts and their ascent to greatness through a life changing journey into the unknown. Through teamwork the group was able to overcome obstacles by finding solutions to the problems that they encountered.

We are a socially conscious company that believes in our team members as professional, accountable stakeholders in the company. The Jace Solution provides its team members with the stage to be great and produce extraordinary results for high profile clients.

Our Logo


Because we are socially conscious, believe in our employees, and client transparency, The Jace Solution has set lofty goals internally to help generate community and stakeholder benefits. Among some of the programs that have been earmarked for implementation are the following:

  • Giving Circles - As active participants in our communities a percentage of profit will be pooled and donated to projects that are identified within our company as vision for the future. The decision comes through group presentation and vote.
  • Family Education Collective - Because our employees work hard we expect that family values will pass from generation to generation. To show our appreciation a percentage of our profits will be held aside each year to be given out in the form of scholarship(s) to children of employees that exhibit excellence in academics.
  • Daycare Partnerships - In the business of IT and Facilities consulting the hours can be long. We want to help our employees by providing a bit of help with the growing costs of day care. care.
  • Education Reimbursement - Keeping current with certifications is paramount to our success. We show our appreciation for the hard work and dedication that gets put into certifications by supplementing associated cost.

Client Advantages

Purchasing services from a provider carries a high degree of risk and worry. Services are intangibles; you can't see them, touch them, or take them out of a box. The Jace Solution provides over 20 years of experience, a proven track record of success and client advantages that separate The Jace Solution from its competition.

Measurable Add Value
We are focused on understanding client goals. By incorporating an amalgam of best practices and creative thinking an exceptional project execution can be implemented at levels that reduce cost and increase efficiency.
Interest Alignment
We believe that once engaged in a project a symbiotic business partnership is formed. Enacting open communication we move with our clients toward the same end goals together; strategic, sustainable and growth oriented solutions.
Professional Accountability
We fully understand the pressure of deliverables vs. constricting timeframes. Executing to meet milestones is paramount for project success. With The Jace Solution staffing a project, we shoulder the responsibility of performance ownership with the shared success of our clients.
Systemic Thinkers
We practice action based on project planning as a system. By focusing on milestone linkages and silo interdependencies, the entire project system can be realized and successfully implemented.
Corporate Transparency
We apply open and active communication on all projects. Whether staffing or executing on a project we will disclose any potential anomalies as they begin to appear. This strategy enables team reaction and adjustment as a whole to ensure success. Internally we also believe in sustainable business as a general practice and strive to maintain that position in an active and productive way.
Collaborative Professionals
We believe in cooperative servicing. By working with an existing local vendor or reaching out to a national partner we strive to ensure success and welcome the opportunity. Maintaining and enhancing collective work environments enables open communication for project realization.
Triple Bottom Line Awareness
We realize that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports have become prevalent in today's business culture. Sustainability officer positions have been inserted into traditional business methodologies. We work with our clients to report on the benefits of a project from a sustainability position. This adds an often unrealized value to the project closeout.


The Jace Solution is an IT and facilities services company. We separate ourselves from the pack by enveloping sustainability into our service methodology, while embodying community internally. Careers at Jace provide team members with the stage to be great, contribute to a work community and produce extraordinary results for high profile clients.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for self-starters with entrepreneurial mindsets who are not afraid to work hard and profit accordingly. A wide variety of positions are open in our three locations.

To apply for a position or to learn about employment opportunities at Jace, please submit your information to the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss whether there is a mutual fit. (Please attach a resume and cover letter, both as Microsoft Word documents)

We are a highly competitive IT and facilities services firm; we pride ourselves on being true to the mantra work to live not live to work.


This is The Jace Solution Sphere for Information. It is here that we share our knowledge, accomplishments, kudos, case studies and white papers with our clients, readers, and likeminded professionals. At Jace we believe the distribution of information encourages thinking on both sides of the screen and offers an opportunity for active communication.

Jace Solution News & Events

October 1, 2012
The Jace Solution Drives for Show at a Raleigh, NC Industry Golf Outing

September 30, 2012
The Jace Solution Launches Website


Customer relationships are multidimensional and should be cultivated. The Jace commitment to active communication enables us to share a bit of the "human" side of IT and operations to inject some levity to the non-critical parts of the day.

Take a look, sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, but always honest.

Jace Thinking

A Duck isn't Always a Duck

Customer relationships are multidimensional and should be cultivated. The Jace commitment to active communication enables us to share a bit of the "human" side of IT and operations to inject some levity to the non-critical parts of the day.

Growth not Girth

Jace defines growth as increased revenue, personnel and company awareness and knowledge, not increased footprint. By educating our company employees and encouraging knowledge transfer Jace is building a solid foundation for efficiency.


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